Bed Bugs Control Croydon

Certified Team And Premium Service For Bed Bug Control In Croydon

Bed bugs look very small but cause many problems to the health and the environment of your surroundings. Their bites give the area a burning sensation and itching, and the intensity of allergic reactions differs from person to person. Sometimes allergies spread over a large area and make the person feel uncomfortable and ill. To remove all the mentioned problems, we have a team for Bed bug Control Croydon service which is here to help you remove the bug’s infestation from its root. We have several pest control technicians who specialize in pests such as bed bugs, bees, termites, etc.

Here we are talking about the bed bugs, so let’s focus on bugs service only. We are licensed and certified and guarantee you the best bed bug treatment in the whole of Croydon. Several other pest control companies are available, but our service quality is far better and more satisfying than others. If you want to get rid of the bed bugs immediately and are tired of using the home remedy to remove them, then go for our bed bug control in Croydon. The pest control team of the company has been giving Bed bugs removal services for years. Features of our Bed Bugs Control Croydon services: 

  • Our Bed Bugs exterminator provides the same-day service.
  • All service givers are certified and professionals.
  • The quality of the service is standard, and the cost is very reasonable.
  • The safety of the customers is the priority of the company. So, our team for bed bugs control Croydon always uses the safe procedure to remove the infestation.
  • Our company always uses the eco- Friendly method of removing the infestation.
  • The service is available 24×7.

How to Spot A Bed Bug Infestation?

Bed bug removal needs to prevent the bugs in their early stage because as time elapses, they spread in numbers and cause negative effects on health. Following are some of the signs that you have bugs in your bed. They are not always catchy, so one needs to be careful if one notices the below-mentioned signs.

  • Frequently feeling bites and rashes after waking you in the morning.
  • Blood marks over the bedsheets.
  • Bed bug droppers on the pillowcase, bed sheets, mattress, and any other cloth or material lying on the bed.
  • Are you regularly feeling musty odours whenever you enter your room? This is also one of the great signs of bed bug infestation.
  • Their eggs shed skins, and casings are also signs of bed bugs.
  • Red bumps all over the body signify its existence.

Areas of Bed Bug Inspection

Areas, where their existence can be seen, are the corner of the bed, between the cracks or holes of the bed Etc. They are not limited to the bed, but once their number starts increasing, they can be found in between corners of curtains, couches, mattresses, cushions, etc. It is very important to pay attention to the symptoms of bed bugs and frequently inspect the below-mentioned areas to check their extension. Some other areas where they may be present are:

  • In the corner of the window frame.
  • On the side corners of the electrical outlet.
  • On the four corners of the room, from where the ceilings start.
  • They are also present in the side-line of drawer joints.
  • Sometimes, these bugs are present in the wall hangings.

People can’t find out all the areas where they are hidden. For that, our Bed Bugs Control Croydon technicians use various methods and techniques for their further eradication.

How Do We Treat A Bed Bug Infestation In Croydon?

Our team for Bed bug control Croydon uses several steps to treat the infestation. Each step of the bed bug pest control is carried out by different teams of pest removal technicians who have deep knowledge and experience in their work. The premium quality service at a reasonable price is only provided through skilled and certified service givers. Following are the five steps that we use to treat domestic and commercial Bed Bugs Control Croydon requirements.

  •  Inspection:

Our first target is the bed and sofa for bed bug inspection. We check all areas before treatment so that you can get rid of bed bugs in one go.

  • Chemical Service:

After Inspection, the second process is chemical service. Here, the pest control team uses various pesticides that kill the bugs. For example DE. DE must not be spread without wearing a mask and gloves. We spread this to all the infected areas, such as between the cracks, over the corner of drawers, over the side boundary of the beds, in between the curtains, etc. Not only DE but several other chemicals are effective in preventing bed bugs. 

  • Non-Chemical Treatment Service: Heat Treatment

Treatment of bed bugs through non-chemical methods such as heat treatment and others is one of the most effective bed bug treatments. In this method, Bed bugs will be at 113°F if being in that temperature regularly for 90 minutes. As the temperature increases, the pace of their death will also increase. Treatment is quite a technical work.

  • Follow up is a must and follow tips: It is necessary to keep the bedsheet and pillow cover clean until the bugs are treated. Keep checking the areas at intervals of one to two weeks. You may ask for follow up if required. 

Prevention tips: Smaller Steps Bigger Results

After the bed bug treatment, one must use the following rules.

  • Always keep your room and surroundings clean.
  • Never put too many clothes and other materials under the bed.
  • Keep Vacuuming the area at every interval.

Why Bed Bug Control Is Must In End Of Lease Pest Control?

Bed bug control is a must at the end of lease pest control because there was an agreement between the landlord and his tenant that if the tenant will not perform his bed bug control treatment, then that landlord has the right to keep his bond money. It is a must to keep the occupancy hygienic and fit for living.


Can’t we do bed bug infestation treatment through home remedies?

Home remedies are not effective in removing them from roots, and hence they will spread again.

Do your bed bug control team in Croydon provide emergency services?

We provide the emergency service through a special emergency pest control team if there is a bed bug.

What is the cost of the service of bed bug infestation?

The cost is very reasonable and will be determined after the inspection process. You can expect to pay around $300 for one room treatment.

Will the same-day service of your bed bug control Croydon team be effective?

It will be effective. We never compromise the quality of the service while doing same-day bug treatment.