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Are mosquitoes bothering you? Let Our Croydon Pest Controllers Help You

During the summer, mosquitoes generally appear and become a major nuisance for outdoor activities. We can become annoyed by mosquitoes if they leave itchy bite marks and keep us awake. Well, no need to worry as we are here to help you. We at Pest Control Croydon offer Mosquito Control Croydon services. Our Mosquito Pest Control Service experts can provide you with a Mosquito Control Treatment tailored to your needs. For Mosquitoes Extermination, our company utilizes proven methods to prevent mosquitoes from returning. We remove all mosquitoes from your yard using organic pest control products that are eco-friendly. Contact us for a free inspection today or find out about our Mosquito Control Croydon.

Offering Residential and Commercial Mosquito Control Services in Croydon

A clean environment is what Pest Control Croydon envisions for the future. We take pride in offering a full range of Mosquito Control Croydon for residential, commercial, and industrial customers. As a certified company, we commit to high quality. We eliminate Mosquitoes Control Service Croydon using superior technology with an innovative approach throughout Croydon & surrounding areas to guarantee long-lasting, effective results.

Having Mosquito Bites Causes Serious Consequences

Female mosquitoes feed on the blood of humans and cause mosquito bites. Unlike male mosquitoes, female mosquitoes have a mouthpart made to pierce the skin and draw blood. The mosquito acquires the virus from biting an infected animal or person. Mosquito bites don’t just cause allergic reactions. They can transmit serious illnesses, including:

  • Chikungunya fever

It can cause serious joint pain for several weeks. Your doctor may recommend pain relief medication as well as rest and fluids until your symptoms disappear.

  • Zika

Mild symptoms typically go away in less than a week. The symptoms may include a fever, sore joints, pain in the muscles, pinkeye or a rash. Microcephaly, a birth defect associated with Guillain-Barre syndrome, is associated with the virus.

  • Yellow fever (or malaria)

Malaria is a potentially fatal parasitic disease. Mosquitoes infected with this parasite spread the disease to humans. Every year, millions of people die from malaria. Flu-like symptoms include fever, fatigue, headache, low body temperature, sweating, anxiety, and chills. 

  • Dengue fever

In tropical climates, dengue is considered to be one of the deadliest mosquito-borne illnesses. Some symptoms of the disease include fever, fatigue, headaches, bleeding gums, or pain in the muscles, bones, or joints.

  • West Nile disease

It causes severe fever and symptoms like meningitis. It can sometimes cause paralysis and brain damage. The symptoms of West Nile can persist for weeks or months, even if they are not severe.

  • Encephalitis

Flu-like symptoms are often caused by this viral brain inflammation. Other side effects may include hallucinations, extreme weakness, and seizures. Those with weak immune systems are more susceptible to encephalitis. But we are here to protect you from mosquito attacks by providing you with Mosquito Pest Control. Don’t ignore the chance to have services for Mosquito Control Croydon and protect your family from these given above diseases. 

What Does Our Mosquito Control Team Do at Your Place?

At Pest Control Croydon, we offer the services of Mosquito Control Croydon that includes fast-acting, long-lasting barrier sprays that help prevent mosquitoes from entering your home or business. We offer Affordable Mosquito Control Treatments so you can enjoy your outdoor event with no worries about mosquitos. Our Mosquito Control procedures include:

  • Inspection

The Mosquito Exterminator will inspect your premises to locate breeding grounds. These are normally sources of water found on your premises. They will determine the type of extermination process needed based on the degree of infestation.

  • Control Plan

After Inspection completion, we will formulate a Mosquito Pest Control Plan that will eliminate them from your environment. The plan will specify the type of Mosquito Treatment, expected time frame, instructions to the property’s owner, expected outcome, and other specifics.

  • Extermination Treatment

For Mosquito Control Croydon, our exterminators use a variety of methods. Control methods include physical destruction, biological destruction, pesticides, and fogging. Health and safety are top priorities; we prefer methods that are chemical-free methods. We choose certified and safe pesticides when we have to use them.

  • Prevention

For long-term control of mosquito populations around your property, we recommend strategies and tips customized for the setup of your property.

Children can experience quite uncomfortable irritation as a result of the bites. Mosquitoes can also transmit serious diseases. Humid climates are particularly prone to mosquito-borne diseases. Defend your backyard retreat from mosquitoes by letting Croydon Mosquito Controllers take care of it!

You Can Find Us At All of Croydon’s Prime Locations

Mosquito Infestations within your home or business can cause serious damage, so it’s important to deal with them immediately. We provide Emergency Mosquito Control Services to help you control mosquitoes in your Croydon and surrounding areas. Various Mosquito Control Croydon solutions are available to us for each mosquito species. All types of Mosquito Infestations are treated with our specialized treatment solutions. We provide fast-acting, long-lasting, and odourless treatments.

To prevent further Mosquito Breeding, mosquitoes need to be treated from the source. Get a free quote and schedule an inspection today.


How much does mosquito extermination cost?

Mosquito extermination costs vary depending on the size of your yard, type of mosquito breeding ground present, method used to eradicate them and how many bugs need to be killed per treatment. It starts from $180.

What do professionals use to get rid of mosquitoes?

Chemical extermination is used by professionals which is more expensive than physical extermination, but it is effective. It is also faster and safer than physical extermination. Malathion, naled, phenothrin, permethrin, and pyrethrins are some chemicals used by professionals.

Is it worth spraying for mosquitoes?

Mosquito extermination is a cost-effective way to prevent the spread of dengue and chikungunya. It is effective and safe. It will be worth every penny you will pay to the pest controllers.