Termite Inspection Croydon

We strive to make termite treatments as accessible and affordable as possible

Are you concerned about the possibility of termite infestation in your home? Don’t lose your cool! We are the best Termite Inspection Croydon company, which has successfully eradicated termites and protected residential and commercial properties in the area for many years.

Our staff can treat your property for termites effectively. We know everything about termites and offer high-quality solutions. Our organization has the most experience and qualifications and guarantees its termite treatments. Our termite-control methods are effective, eco-friendly, and resourceful.

Most prevalent symptoms of termites

  • Wall mud tubes: Subterranean termites build shelter tubes from mud, dirt, and debris to avoid being seen. Wall-mounted tubes. These tubes are about the size of a quarter and are situated on the building’s exterior and interior walls near the entrances.
  • Papery, hollow-sounding wood: Termites consume wood from the inside out, leaving only a thin veneer. Termite-damaged wood sounds hollow or papery because the wood has been eaten.
  • Doors are harder to open and close: As termites destroy wood, their excrement, called “mud,” creates a protective environment that traps heat and moisture. Because of this, infested windows and doors are harder to open and close.

Inspection for termites: Call The best Termite Inspection Croydon experts Now

Our Croydon pest control professionals inspect before treating. Our certified Termite Inspection Croydon specialists will inspect all accessible areas of the property for present and future termite infestations. We use cutting-edge equipment for inspections. Termatrac and the Thermal Imaging Camera use moisture, thermal, and radar sensors to detect termites in hidden areas.

Also, our annual termite check is the best protection. This form of inspection detects termite activity early, protecting your house from damage.

Some of the adverse effects that you ought to be aware of termites 

  • Termite as structural pests

The vast majority of termites feed on cellulose. In addition, they can locate it in the woodwork, wood structure, furniture, and documents that you own. When it comes to the source of their food, wood, they can cause damage to many different kinds of structures. Wood is used for everything, including but not limited to bridges, poles, dwellings, and barns. Termites have been responsible for destroying a great number of buildings and other timber constructions. One of the unfavourable effects of termites is that they can cause significant economic loss and damage to historic buildings.

  • Termites, a nuisance in the world of forestry

The destructive effects of termites are frequently observed in forest plantations and urban forestry. Some species are responsible for the demise of otherwise healthy trees. They are capable of causing harm to tree roots, stripping plant rings, and even the death of plants. The geographical location has a significant role in determining the extent to which termites can affect the trees. For instance, between 40 and 60 percent of the trees in the hilly regions of the south have termite infestations.

Instruments and Tools Necessary for Termite Inspection

During a termite inspection, a few different pieces of machinery are utilized.

  • Sounding Tools – When tapped on wood inside and outside the home, these tools detect hollowness and indicate the presence of termites or wood degradation.
  • Thermal imaging cameras can detect changes in temperature even behind walls, under floors, and in other hard-to-reach places.
  • Moisture Meter: This device can show the existence of termites or the potential of their presence due to the degradation of wood.
  • Endoscope: A little camera mounted on a bendable arm that allows experts to see behind walls and into tight spaces to search for termites

In this way, we will start determining the most effective way to provide the treatment to them.

We are available for hire: The best Termite Inspection Croydon team for emergency service

Our qualified termite professionals have the training, skill, and field experience in termite inspection and control. Your concerns are important. We offer proactive, risk-free, and successful termite inspection and management. We have highly qualified service personnel to help with emergency needs. We can solve your termite problems quickly. As a top provider of termite control services, we’re here to safeguard you, your family, and the environment with our strategy. 

Why you should choose our Croydon pest control company

We have been offering Termite Inspection Croydon services in the field of pest management for more than thirty years. During this period, we have developed into one of the most dependable, effective, and trustworthy organizations in Croydon that deals with pest control. Our customers are consistently blown away by our level of professionalism and knowledge and our capacity to get the job done. Because what you get is an exact representation of who we are.

  • Experienced service technicians who have completed their training and been accredited
  • Brands that have been tried and tested are both effective and friendly to the environment.
  • Working procedures that are both safe and strict, being conscientiously mindful of the environment, the animals, and the personal safety of both our technicians and our clients is a priority for our company.
  • Results that are guaranteed to satisfy the customer one hundred percent or we will come back until you are.


What should I do to be ready for the termite inspection?

Termites form nests in dark, damp, or moist places including the attic, storeroom, garage, crawl spaces, and basement. All these places have termites. The inspector will also check your home’s exterior for termite signs. Check that the inspector has enough area to do the job.

During the inspection, do we need to leave the house?

If there are dry wood termites in residence, you can be required to get out immediately. It is not necessary to vacate the home to eradicate subterranean termites. Control measures can be taken. The inspector will walk through all of the essential steps with you.

How much time does it typically take to do an inspection?

It depends on your home’s size and the inspector’s methods. A termite check can take up to two hours. Because a trained inspector knows where to look, the process is usually quick.