Bee and Wasp Removal Croydon

Get Instant Wasp Nest Removal And Bee Pest Control Services In Croydon

Wasps are generally seen in late summer, and bees are in the spring. Wasps and bees’ nests could be high up in the trees, underground, in small abandoned holes, etc. Wasps and Bees are dangerous to human health, and both use their stings to attack humans. More than 100 people die every year from bee and wasp stings. If you see wasps and bees nest around your house and colony, we suggest you don’t remove yourself because their stings are dangerous for your health. If you want to remove wasps and bee nests from your premises, contact us, and we will reach your house as soon as possible. Our Bee and Wasp Removal Croydon team offer one of the best bee control and wasp nest removal services in Croydon.

We Offer Different Types of Bees And Wasps Removal Service in Croydon

Our team for Bee and Wasp Removal Croydon offers different types of bees and wasps removal services in Croydon at a very effective cost. Some of our bee control services are discussed below:

  • Honey Bee (Apis mellifera): The honey bee is around half-inch long and hairy brown insect. They mostly live in extra-large colonies of up to 50,000 individuals and more than that. The honey bee’s nest consists of several tiers or “combs” made of beeswax. Honey bees only sting humans when they feel threatened. We have an experienced team that helps you remove bees from houses. 
  • Bumble Bee (Bombus spp.): Bumblebees come between half and one inch with black stripes. We offer our bee nest removal services at a low beehive removal cost.
  • Carpenter Bee (Xylocopa Virginia): Carpenter bee is mostly look-alike Bumblebees. Male carpenter bees cannot sting humans. Only female carpenter bees sting humans when they feel threatened. Our bee exterminators are experts and provide you with better quality bee control services in Croydon.
  • Paper Wasps (Polistes spp.): Paper wasps are commonly known as umbrella wasps because they build their nest in an umbrella shape. To remove paper wasps from your property, you can hire us. 
  • Yellowjackets (Vespula spp., Paravespula spp.): Yellowjackets are notoriously aggressive and one of the most dangerous wasps. People are mostly stung by Yellowjackets. We offer different wasp hive removal services in Croydon.
  • Hornets (Dolichovespula maculate and Vespa crabro): Hornet wasps are around ¾-inch long and come in black and white stripes with white faces. Hornets mainly construct their nests in trees. Hornets are comparatively less dangerous than Yellowjackets. But removing their nests from your garden is dangerous for you. 

How Do We Manage Bees and Wasp in Croydon

Our team for Bee and Wasp Removal Croydon offers one of the best pest control services. Our team is fully dedicated to their jobs and provides excellent bee and Wasp Removal service to customers in Croydon.

  • Inspection of the area of nests and hives: Our wasp specialist fully inspects your property and provides you with a detailed inspection report to you at a very effective cost. 
  • Removal of bees and wasps from your property: Wasps are more dangerous compared to bees because they are more aggressive, and their stings also harm more than bees. Our team for Bee and Wasp Removal Croydon offers quality service to their customers. So that they can easily trust us and hire us again in the future without any hesitation.
  • Removal of nests and bees from your premises:  If you see bee and wasp nests on your property, then we suggest that you don’t remove their nests yourself. Because they mostly sting humans when they feel threatened. You can hire our bee nest removal services to remove nests from your property.
  • If required, destroy the bee and Wasp nest: Bee and Wasp prefer to make their nests on trees and underground holes. But sometimes they make their nest in your garden and your house if they get enough food for themselves. We can destroy hives and nests without harming bees and wasps. 
  • Final Inspection: Our team for Bee and Wasp Removal Croydon thoroughly inspect your house from the inside and outside. And also, keep in mind the symptoms of hives and wasps nests, check each corner of your house, and maintain a detailed inspection report to say your property is free of bees and wasps.

How do bees build their hives and wasps their nests?

There are mainly three types of wasps such as paper wasps, yellowjackets, and hornets. They are all similar and prefer to make paper nests. Paper wasps mainly tend to build small umbrella-shaped nests under eaves and overhangs. Hornets prefer to build large nests hanging from a high tree branch, and Yellowjackets make their nests underground.

A wasp queen first selects a suitable place for building a nest. Then she searches for wood fibre and a mouthful of wood fibres, and she uses the saliva in her mouth to break down the wood fibres until they turn into a soft form of paper pulp. After that, she flies with a mouthful of paper pulp to selected sites to make their nest.

Bees usually make their hives in straw, wood, and pottery. Bee’s hives are mainly hexagon-shaped and cells made of honeycomb and propolis.

Get Same-day bees and wasp control services in Croydon

If Bee and Wasp build their nests on your property and nearby your house. Then they become the most dangerous and irritating insects. They suddenly attack humans. Our team for Bee and Wasp Removal Croydon offers same-day and emergency bee hive removal and wasp pest control services at a very reasonable price.

We assure you that our experts take full precautionary measures while doing their job. If you hire us, you no need to worry about anything.


Q. Is your service available anywhere in Croydon?

We provide our bee and wasp removal services mainly in Croydon, but we also offer our services anywhere nearby this suburb.

Q. Is your bee and wasp removal service costly?

No, we assure you that our bee and wasp control service is one of the best and cheapest services in Croydon. So everyone can easily avail of our bee and Wasp Removal service benefits.

Q. Which type of service are you providing?

We provide every type of pest removal service in Croydon. Bee and wasp removal is one of our prime services. We have to be extra careful when we do not have to harm pests but we have to remove them from your property.