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Possums are among the most diminutive disagreeable pests in our houses, but they are also the noisiest. From time to time, hearing the rumble on the ceiling before going to bed is annoying, but it’s a typical occurrence in the Croydon metropolitan region. Possums aren’t the only ones who make noise in the ceiling; mice also generate an upward movement, albeit possums do not cause as much disruption. We are your local Possum Removal Croydon experts who provide the best services. It will keep possums out of your house. We will make it easier for you and your family to sleep soundly. Possums are generally harmless to people, but they irritate others with their movement and odours. Possums make a strange and eerie sound. Contact us for possum removal in Croydon for the best budget-friendly Humane Possum removal company. 

How To Identify Possums?

Possums are a group of 70 tree-dwelling marsupial species native to Australia, New Guinea, and Sulawesi in Indonesia. Despite their similar names, possums and opossums are not the same animals, and they are both marsupials. The Virginia opossum and its cousins in the genus Didelphis, all of which inhabit North and South America, are known as possums. They are small in size and have an average length of tail. Possums are black, brown, and white. 

Brushtail possums are Australia’s most common marsupial and one of the most well-known possums. Brushtails have long, thick tails with a prehensile tip and a hairless area on the underside that lets them hang onto tree branches, as its name suggests. Unlike many other possum species, these nocturnal, solitary critters have evolved to live near people, especially in densely populated locations like Croydon.

How Do We Remove Possum?

We follow a short and instant method to remove possums. It is –

  • Setting up a cage and fruit in a cage

Firstly we set up a cage with some fruits or any other thing which possums like. We are the best possum catcher company in the city. 

  • Capture and release

After the possum has been captured, we will take him to a safe place like a forest or farmhouse. We offer the best possum pest control services. 

  • By Law, we can not release them more than 50 meters away

We will not leave a possum more than 50 m away. So it’s our responsibility to leave the possum safely. 

  • Multiple visits

You can call the company for multiple visits also. 

How to trap a possum In The Cage?

Possums, sometimes known as opossums, are nocturnal mammals that reach the size of a large cat. You’ll need a giant cage to catch a possum, frequently referred to as a raccoon cage. Place the cage near the possum’s den or other frequented spots. While baiting the cell, use food that primarily attracts possums, such as marshmallows, apples, and other sweet foods. You’ll need to relocate the possum once you’ve caught it. You can relocate the animal yourself or contact your local animal control organization. If you decide to transfer the possum yourself, follow all safety procedures. When the possum enters the trap, it will not be able to come out, and you will come to know that it has been trapped. 

Why There Is  A Need for Possum Removal 

Possum control isn’t as severe as, say, raccoon control, but you might find possums to be just as bothersome. Possums can be troublesome if they take up residence under your deck or come in to say hello through your doggy door. Possums are generally not dangerous to humans (unless provoked or cornered and forced to defend themselves, like any other animal). Still, they can become so if they take up residence under your deck or come in to say hello through your doggy door.

Possums can steal pet foods. While possums require food, your dog or cat may not be so cooperative. And you probably don’t like the concept of wasting money on pet food that ends up in the stomachs of your neighbourhood’s wildlife. So when it comes to creating a mess of your garbage cans, possums have a poor reputation. While the possum isn’t to blame for the problem, it might aggravate an already bad scenario. Some other reasons for possum control are- 

  • They wreak havoc in the garden.

Possums can destroy your garden quickly without taking any time. So it would be better to go for possum control.

  • A threat to your pet

Possums can also annoy your pets, and sometimes pets leave their homes. 

  • Diseases

There are several diseases that possums can spread to your family. A possum removal service is a must. 

  • They can make your house a mess.

Your home can become a mess if you have possums in your home in a short period. 

  • The dead possums

Dead possums can also spread diseases, and if you have any dead possums, it’s better to remove them yourself or call a dead possum removal company. 

How We Maintain A Possum Free Property In Croydon?

Our team for Possum Removal Croydon offers professional possum removal services to maintain your property possum free. We remove possums like-

  • Residential Possum Removal

The possums in your residential area can be removed easily by our services. 

  • Commercial Possum Removal

We also offer services for commercial possum removals. These are minimal problems for us to deal with. 

  • General Possum Inspection

You can call us for a general possum inspection also. If there is any problem, it will be removed immediately. 

  • Emergency Possum Removal Service

We offer emergency possum removal services to our customers also. 

  • Dead Possum Removal

Dead possums are more dangerous than alive ones. The germs from the dead bodies of possums can spread serious diseases. So if you have any dead possum in your home, you should immediately remove it and sanitize the area. 

Why Hire Us For Possum Removal Croydon Service?

Our team for Possum Removal Croydon offers the best services. It would help if you choose us because of the following ultimate reasons:

  • Eco- friendly

The process is entirely eco-friendly. We don’t use any harsh Or dangerous chemicals in your home.

  • Affordable

The company’s pricing is very affordable, and no one company can offer these services at this price. 

  • Certified Professional

Every employee is well trained and certified and can check it on the website.

  • Best

No confusion that we are the best company in the town.

  • Same Day Possum Removal Service

As you call us, we will reach your location for services.


Are you available on weekends and holidays to provide possum removal services in Croydon?

Possums harm human property and spread many diseases, so it is essential to get rid of them as soon as possible. So we are available on all days to help you get rid of possums and other pests.

Do we have any certification for pest management?

We are the number 1 possum removal company in the city. We have certificate III in pest management which is enough for making us the best service provider in Croydon.

How many cages are set for catching two possums?

One cage for one possum is enough but sometimes it delays the process. Thus we always put one or two extra cages. So we will put 3-4 cages to catch two possums. It will increase the chance of possums getting trapped on the same day.