Signs That Red Ants Have Infested In Your Kitchen

Have you seen red ants moving about in your homes? Then this is a warning sign that you should be prepared for an infestation. It’s best to prevent it whenever you can. It surely raises an internal alarm when you see ants in your homes or offices. Further, many people think that it is not such a big deal but the case is not always the same. Just seeing one ant means there is a full-blown infestation inside. 

ant infestation in your home
ant infestation in your home

Signs that you have an ant infestation in your home

1. There is food overrun in your homes

If you have any kind of food overrun, you can look out for ants there. When you cook your food, you should always close it or keep it in containers. Don’t forget that there can be an infestation in your homes. 

Ant Control Services is so important if there is an infestation. If you see any ants, keep the leftovers hidden. They can sniff the food easily and carry it quickly. Also, dog dishes bring ants to your homes. 

2. Seeing live ants in your home

If you see any live ants in your home, there is a chance that there is a larger colony nearby. Additionally, they stay hidden for short distances only. Ants search for food constantly, so few ants prove they are looking for food. 

Ants are commonly attracted to food and drink areas. So, you should keep kitchens clean and tidy every day. 

3. Seeing live ants walking in a line

Ants normally move in lines and so be careful if you see any such lines. When the ants find your food sources, they call other ants. They form a trail to attract other ants from the colonies. 

They release chemicals from their bodies making it easier to spot all their essential places. If you see food particles overrun by ants, it’s best to call the Affordable Pest Control

4. Seeing ant nests outside your homes

Have you noticed ant nests outside your homes? When there are ants outside, they are probably inside as well. Ant hills are mostly near dirt piles. They dig underground nests and mostly live underground only. 

If you find hills near the buildings, it is a cause of concern. You should take care of it as soon as possible. 

What does ant presence tell you?

When ants get too close to human dwellings, it becomes a problem. They are always in search of food and water. Furthermore, when they run out of food, they search inside homes for the same. They may get inside through leaks in pipes as well. Carpenters ants are quite attracted to wood. They destroy the insides destroying the structural wood. 


Check out damp areas for ant colonies. They love staying in the moisture-prone areas the most. Store your food safely to keep your homes safe. It all depends on what responsibilities you are taking. If the infestation is large, it’s time to call the Expert Pest Control. There might be hundreds or thousands you are not seeing.